Stop misleading the public with weak echo of your defection – MJYF chides Mohammed

The attention of the Mai Ja’ama Youth Forum has been drawn to a news of defection of few members of Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP in Baruten Local Government Area of Kwara State into the ruling All Progressives Congress.

We have watched the weak and theatrical decamping which was nothing to worry about as we can not raise eyebrow over a public display of an arrangement that had long ago been perfected in secret.

Much as we, the Mai Ja’ama Youth Forum would not want to exchange banters or trade words with anyone on the subject matter, it is however, worthy to make a distinct clarification on one of the decampees, Mohammed Idris, who claimed to be Hon. Zakari Mohammed’s Personal Assistant on Domestic Matters.

In all honesty, we understand Mohammed’s ‘face-saving’ game as a civil servant (staff of Kwara State University), and we have no problem with his new political marriage, but we would not allow him, or anyone to score cheap political point using our principal’s image. At no time was he being appointed by Hon. Zakari Mohammed as P.A on Domestic Matters or any formal engagement. He was only one of the numerous kinsmen who patronized Zakari while in office. Hence, the need for us call his attention from misleading the public.

Mohammed, under law of the land, has every right to associate with any political party of his choice, even though it is against the ethics of civil service to be partisan. He should enjoy the patronage while the offer lasts.

In the political system, people come and go. So, no ill feelings over his exit. But like we use to say, our doors are open for him or anyone whenever they discover that the party they have gone to is not better than PDP by any standard.

Meanwhile, we’d like to advice the current government of the state to jettison politicking at this early hour if its administration to avoid distraction which could fetter governance.


Suleiman Tooko,
Coordinator, Mai Ja’ama Youth Forum.

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