It is Undemocratic for Abdulrazaq to Threaten People with State Instruments to Join his Party , APC/AAP

Press Release

Kwara solidarity & integrity forum ( KSIF)

June 8, 2020.

It is Undemocratic for Abdulrazaq to Threaten People with State Instruments to Join his Party , APC/AAP

We are dismayed by the new twist in the anti-democratic tendencies being displayed by Mallam Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq, the Governor of kwara state to force , intimidate, coerce and harass members of the local government council executives of Kwara State and the local government legislature who are perceived to be in the opposition party into joining his own party , the APC /AAP.

On Sunday, June 7, 2020, we received reports of how the Governor is calling on all Local Government vice chairmen especially from Kwara south and Central regions, telling them to officially decamp to APC on or before Tuesday or risk seizure of their legitimate salaries from the state government.

As a pro democracy group, we wish to state that our recourse to raise this alarm is predicated on the fact that the council elections are just around the corner and the frequency of these intimidations, harassments and use of executive threats by the Abdulrazaq led government to force opposition members into joining the APC ahead of the forthcoming council elections amount to abuse of his executive office and broad day light impunity .

We see this as a furtherance of the grand design by Abdulrazaq to undermine the process of freedom of association as enshrined in the constitution of the country and such is unacceptable in a civilized democracy such as ours.

It is also an arbitrary use of state instruments of power under the custody of Governor Abdulrahman to intimidate political opponents to forcefully submit to the will of the Governor and all lovers of our nascent democracy must speak against this executive rascality. If at all, a Governor must be seen to be leading by example to defend the fundamental rights of people to enjoy their liberty and not to infringe on it for political gains .

By threatening these class of public officers with salary seizures and arrest by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abdulrazaq has relegated himself and our state to a lawless arena where political impunity will soar thereby leading us to anarchy .

We recall on several occasions since his inauguration, the council chairmen, their deputies , the councilors as well as council secretaries and DPMs were on the directive of Governor Abdulrazaq, invited to the Government House, where they were told to denounce the PDP and join the APC or risk EFCC coming after them. Kwarans can still remember what those Chairmen went through in the hands of EFCC before they later succumbed under duress to join the APC.

This is the same way Governor Abdulrazaq has been using the State Assembly to perpetuate his vendetta mission against political opponents in the State especially by coercing them to join his party

While as organization we are not opposed to the war against corruption, we would not watch misuse of the EFCC and other state apparatus as political tools to intimidate, harass, persecute and coerce the opposition members into submitting to the will of the Governor or his agents .

As we have always done, we once again advise Governor Abdulrazaq to focus more on governance for which he was elected and stop unnecessary use of intimidation. How laudable would it have been if Gov Abdulrazaq had used this energies he is wasting pursuing vendetta against opposition to source for capable hands who will run government with him.


Barrister Kunle Usman,


Kwara solidarity & integrity forum ( KSIF)

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