“Aro is only Blabbing to Calm his Paymaster , No Regret Leaving APC” – Decampees

Press Statement:

We are amused by the unreasonable ranting of Mr Aro Folaranmi, the controversial, ignorant and self-deluded PRO of Kwara APC in his reactions to our exit from their sinking and crisis-laden party and the ovation that heralded our movement to the PDP two days back .

While we would not like to join issues with a petty party officer who has relegated himself to mere instrument of destruction in the hands of one overlord who is only using him to water his personal ego, we would like to educate Aro and his ilks in the APC a bit in order to accord them little knowledge about the process that led to our defection so that the people of Kwara will not be erroneously …

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