Kwarans attention have been drawn to an unsound and Imprecise article sponsored by kwara state APC state chairman (BOB THE JUDAS and a renown double dealer ) its so unfortunate that this Judas could sponsored an article filled with fallacy and character assassination against the person of Prince Adesoji Alashi, SOJ.
Let me start by correcting your insinuation mr double dealer;

SOJ is a well-known complete gentle and responsible man which has never or will never participate in any act of hooliganism. The main reason why the progressive youths, like us, are proud of him.

What we read was totally pervasive and illusive. BOB the writer is a confused and drowning soul busy uttering hate speeches and character assassination looking for who to drown with him. This could be vividly x-rayed by the host of issues that has no basis nor facts to back up which he’s trying to jumble together.

In fact, the incoherency and fallacies displayed by B.O.B shows how dubious and truth-shy fellow he is. We know that BOB and his actual problem is inability to exercise his authoritarianism, personal idealistic beliefs on his Excellency,
mallam Abdulraman Abdulrazaq.

BOB is a great calamity in the present moving train of Abdulraman Abdulrazaq led-administration he want the state back to the previous condition of penury and destitution. It is a known fact that a year of Abdulraman Abdulrazaq is better than 16 solid years of wastages of Saraki and Lawal put together.

We demand for his immediate resignation from the office he’s occupying as an APC state chairman as the party could no longer tolerate his gross misconduct anti party activities in the state anymore.

The state funds are not for individuals selfish interest.. Abdulraman Abdulrazaq is working wholeheartedly to differentiate between politics and governance in the state via OTOGE.

The BOB and his cohort’s grievances was as a result of the state funds which the excellency disagreed sharing on a round table with them, the funds are meant for state projects and not for individuals..

So our humble and responsible prince, SOJ, will only Focus on no enemies, liberate armies of truth and give bath to his worldview. We love him and we are proud of him as an exemplary leader, “AN ICON” the shining light of our great time,
The leading point of Kwara state political liberation.

We all know that SOJ is a freedom fighter who has been in kwara struggle for many years before the state later got liberated via otoge.
S.O.J is not rascal, nor a thug proclaimed by this senseless B.OB.
S.O.J is a radical pragmatic activist whom in the last two decades has sacrificed his life for the liberation of kwara from the perpetual slavery from the Kwaran political hegemony where your present benefactor had benefited immensely. It is advisable for Bashiru Omolaja Bolarinwa (B.O.B) to tender an unreserved apology for his misbehaviourials in Office, and tender his Resignation Letter.

As regards Adesoji Alashi, Q popularly known as S.O.J, it is a known fact that, you are an OLD HORSE IN KWARA POLITICS. Inspite all odds, you never daunted, fum or fret. You are so suave, witty. You have been so resolute and focus since the days of the former Governor of Kwara State, Muhammed Lawal. I could recollect seeing you profusely sweating, all in the cause of projecting the said late Lawal, even when you were not seeing at the forefront. But your name cuts across. No matter what it is, posterity must judge you right. It is a known fact that the death of Muhammed Lawal caused your change of political mentorship. You hung up to the present Gov right from the days he has been contesting and losing. that is to show how consistency you are.
Now, your sweat way back has been compensated as You are now a giant stride in kwara state politics.

Though its not easy to maintain success but as God liveth, the path you will be following which is palatable to humanity that leads you to this greater height will never disappoint you .


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