By Yakub Oladimeji Muhammed

According to Science, humans start lying at the age of 4, people like Barr. Kunle Sulyman validates this scientific position because when you hear the words coming from their mouth, you’ll be marveled and ask yourself, at what age did this people start lying?

There is a competition in England called World’s Biggest Liar that holds annually for telling lies in Cumbria. Competitors around the world have 5 minutes to tell the biggest and most convincing lie they can. Unfortunately, politicians and lawyers are not allowed to enter the competition because they are believed to be too skillful in that. Is it a coincidence that Barr. Kunle Sulyman is both? It would have been a great stage for people like him to display such talent, unfortunately, even such a stage fears him.

Last night, I watched the interview of Barr Kunle Sulyman uploaded by Informant 247 around 10:57pm on facebook where he abysmally compared Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman’s 1 year to the 16 years of Dr. Bukola Saraki and AbdulFatah Ahmed respectively.

While the Governor was lamenting bitterly on the micro blogging site known as Twitter about people not being fair by assessing his 1 year performance to 16 years of PDP, old face like Barr. Kunle Sulyman is embarrassing himself and perhaps his cahoots. There is a bear-like animal called Panda, as unique as that animal appears, it is totally shocking to discover that a group of Panda is called an “embarrassment”, as intelligent as people like Barr. Kunle appeared, a group of people like him can also be termed as ” embarrassment” to their party.

He bragged about being in Kwara politics for over 40 years and shielded the fact that he was inconsistent in the state. Such outrageous comment with so much confidence in “quote me anywhere” is not so surprising, since his personality already disqualified him from such a global stage to showcase his talent, he wants to experiment through Informant 247 using them as a stage.

How come while the party Chariman prior to May 29 said the governor has not done anything special and which was further cemented by not congratulating him on his 1 year in office, Kwarans shouldn’t be surprised people like you hanging on “APC Chieftain” title making noise and desperately trying to seek the Governor’s attention. May be one day, people like SOJ will reason your matter and tell us about your inconsistency in that proud 40 years of yours just like they analysed Bolarinwas’.

While most people are comparing Maigida’s first year to Abdulrahman’s, people like you are proving to have resemblance with Ogbomosho spiritual travellers who don’t know where they are heading to, but going as the spirit leads them. It’s no wonder with your inconsistent 40 years, you still speak like one of the Ogbomosho spiritual travellers.

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