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If you are faced with a choice between changing your mind with available facts and proving your belief is right, which one will you choose?

Nearly all of us will get busy with proofing than changing our mind. As an observer, I have come to realise that the most difficult subject can be explained to a slow-witted person if he has not formed an idea of it and the most simplest subject can be difficult to explain to an intelligent person. Especially if such person has formed the idea that he knows without any doubt. So, if some people can’t still fathom anything decipherable about this, it’s understandable.

President Muhammodu Buhari signed Executive Order No. 10 into law which granted State Assemblies and Judiciary Financial Autonomy. It is apt to note that State Assemblies and Judiciary gained their autonomy precisely on Friday 8th, June, 2018 in the Fourth Alteration, No. 4 passed by the 8th Assembly that was led by Sen. Bukola Saraki and assented to by the President. Invariably, issuing an Executive Order (EO) and saying it is being “implemented” means he referred to that aspect of constitution as a concept which needs executive approval to take effect. Period!

However, doing so without reference to the 8th assembly under which the bill was passed and subsequently assented to by the president was anything but savoury. The attempt to further belittle the towering achievements of the 8th NASS and its leadership also negatively affected the Sexual Harassment Bill. The consequence of the surprising withdrawal of assent to the important bill is telling on the Nation, especially with cases of sexual assault in our Higher Institutions. The most important thing in the latest order is that it is a welcome development. Needless to bore you with what is constitutional or unconstitutional in the circumstances as we can mutually clap for PMB and Bukola Saraki and have peace; even though it may look like a spectre of false consensus.

Meaning, it is important not to delete the valid point that the liberation of both the legislative and judicial arms of government from the control of the executive was made possible by Dr Abubakar Saraki and Yakubu Dogara-led focused NASS Leadersip. Therefore, Its success should not be located within the confines of an executive order.

Perhaps if Saraki had not become the Senate President in 2015, he might never become one in his lifetime thus denying the country the prospect of setting out one of the most illustrious politicians in Nigeria, especially in this age of “customised” political correctness.

On how this will strengthen the Nigerian democratic journey, I must say Saraki have a right to feel accomplished because he gave up on being right but focused on getting the job done, even though it came with an ultimate price and his reputation almost sank. The former charismatic Senate President stimulated the best debates in the history of the apex legislative chamber. What more can a man dream of than leaving enviable legacies when he had the opportunity to serve. He utilized every slightest opportunity in that hallowed chamber judiciously. He kept to his agreement with the Nigerian people, rather than with the cabal, with dexterity and bore every single campaign of calumny against him with equanimity. Indeed, his was a thoroughly demanding and engaging tenure.

Facts don’t necessarily change people’s mind no matter how valid they are. Convincing some people to change their negative perception about Saraki is like asking them to change their tribe or religion because they tend to accommodate anything anti-Saraki than pro-Saraki. However, you should not hate a man for knowing how to succeed simply because he knows how, nor will one with justice take away what he has fairly earned to give men of less ability.

Though some are moving beyond the propaganda stage, there are still some that are resolute on blackmailing Saraki rather than focus on governance and adjust to the status of ruling party than the opposition they were yesterday. Comrades, Writers, Analysts and Activists who are failing to convert the same energy used to paint Saraki to demand for good governance, accountability and transparency under the present administration. By extension, those who called others negative names but forgot “thieves who don’t have opportunities call themselves saint”, we should remind them the opportunity is before them today and people await the difference.

They should note there are still some of us who won’t cease to set the record straight because fact is also a meal we must share with those who disagree with us.

Barka De Sallah to my fellow Muslim Ummah

ISHOWO, Isiaq Oluwatosin
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