Ishowo Oluwatosin

As educative and beautiful as your piece would have been on media and how it unmade Saraki, you failed to balance the equation by acknowledging the fact that “a government built on propaganda will collapse on propaganda”, this present administration was built on that. They were professional propagandists who told people unthinkable lies, more devilish than Saraki who was on the defensive side. Since you are well read on this issue of media as sensed in your article, my candid advice is you should not project yourself as a soi-distant intellectual since you have facts and information from both sides.

Even though the sarcasm in the article can be perceived but should not be dwell upon, everyone is guilty of this including the APC government you shielded in an ignoble manner. An American President, Richard Nixon was forced to resign in the Watergate era because of incontrovertible evidences that exposed attempted cover up, lying, dirty tricks he and his associates perpetrated on the American people. There is also Obamagate trending in America at the moment, that’s the power of media, because it is changing the perception of the world about Obama. It can make or mar any body.

The same media that can make Satan a Jesus and Jesus a Satan suffered from people like you and I who are unrelentingly painting Saraki as Satan and the present administration as Jesus whereas they are guilty of the same offense or even their attempted Jesus image did more than the Satan. Attempts to cover up this made you look like a virtuoso propagandist which is evidently avoidable because this could have been a master piece.

To be honest, the motive behind the article pointed to two things: (a) hypocrisy on your part despite having a clear understanding and knowledge about events and the tools that made them possible (b) eye service as every enemy and abuser of Saraki is embraced by the present administration. Whereas it is easy to say “Eyah” than to think critically in the state, if not things that are morally objectionable won’t be seen as normal.

The media war that was declared on Saraki both at national and state level can’t be survived by anyone coupled with his own silence under the toga of his political maturity to tell his side of the story. His tolerance level has been proven by the recent Esinrogunjo’s tape, the same set of people who can go on radio to paint another person black couldn’t bodied the same towards them even when it came from one of their own, what an irony! I dare you to criticize any mistake of AA or the subtle grievances in the party and know your place if you are not Pro-AA. This appears like resulting to calumnies because of lack of activities.

From an objective perspective, your article was supposed to be top-notch but from a subjective lens, the excrescences that you allowed to grow out of it made it obvious that you boggled along the line.

As a Convener of Kwara Must Change, you should leave remnants of Saraki dynasty, it’s not needed except you are becoming guilty of what you alleged them of, possibly looking for favour. Another one is possibly you want to mentally terrorize your readers.

However, if Kwara Must Change is one of the mantras of the Otoge Struggle or you have decided to change position because of circumstances within or beyond your control, then I will have no expectations from you as an admirer of your work. It’s good to criticize, it is understandable to berate but it’s unnecessary to vilify another person.

ISHOWO, Isiaq Oluwatosin
gmail: [email protected]
Twitter: @TosinIshowo

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