Like Sarakites, Like Ottomans

By Ishowo Oluwatosin

The Ottomans ruled for about 600 years as an empire, they are one of the rare empires to rule for that long. Who could have ever imagined the almighty Ottomans would one day be brought to its knees surfacing only in the pages of history? The Ottomans would have told us confidently that it is “impossible”.

The life span of Saraki dynasty might to be that long but its reign for about 40 years in Kwara politics was long enough to think it’s indispensable.

Now that we Sarakites lived to witness our own downfall, the assumption “If” is not applicable to Sarakites unlike the Ottomans. We lived to witness our defeat and some people were bold enough not only to tell us but mock us. However, just like the Ottomans lived a fulfilled dream, so did we Sarakites.

Many of my friends told me boldly ABS would lose his Senatorial election and I confronted them it’s “impossible”; just like the Ottomans would have answered. Saraki almost seemed indispensable to us his admirers and followers, we overlooked his mistakes and forgot he is only human.

I know many of us are very hopeful of historical come back in 2023. It’s not wrong to hope, but don’t expect a miracle. This is not some Champions League game between Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid where C. Ronaldo do wonders. This is politics and it’s not guided by any sacrosanct rules.

The thought of “had I known” would have probably crossed the mind of our man. When majority of us clamoured for Bolaji Abdullah or at least someone better, he should’ve heeded us for we always listened to him. Why this happened is difficult to explain in a precise language.

Saraki’s “disguised defeat” became a lesson to his admirers and adversaries. We hailed every of his bold steps and courage and forgot that sometimes “one needs to stay in a coward’s compound to point at the ruin of a great man’s house”. For a man who fights every political battle, mostly orchestrated, with the quickest and fastest approach with less causality, how and where did he get it wrong in Kwara’s political power equation?

There’s only one answer to that, one may have the best brain and a great plan, but if you have a bad team, the result will always be less productive. The former charismatic Senate President is actually one of the most respected contemporary politicians in the country – never a push over.

The only ticket to a glorious comeback for Saraki is Governor Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman messing his administration and party internal strife. What travels through the mind of Sarakites is like Marvel Superheroes movie, they expect ABS to be “Thor” in 2023 whereas everyone is yet to pick the pieces that has contributed to the recess of a once glorious political family in the state.

Truly, ordinary Sarakites like myself never met him, just like I never met Prophet Muhammad who brought Islam to the world, did we meet Muhammad physically? No, we didn’t, but his Sahaba represented him well, they were reflections of his ways, dreams and teachings, Saraki is nothing close to the Holy Prophet but there’s a lesson to pick here.

People like myself came to know Saraki through the few among his chosen or “annointed” disciples who represented him well. Majority of Saraki’s chosen didn’t represent him well. And like birds, they flew away after a single major crash only to discover that their flight wasn’t really safe.

I hope from now on, both Saraki and Sarakite, including political prostitutes of the era, will not over look problems that have resulted in the avoidable consequences. Our leader is a man of “risk” but I guess we have all learnt that “a small and safe return is more desirable than risk”. The result of risk is probable loss, Atunwa was arguably the risk and the result was heavy loss.

ISHOWO, Isiaq Oluwatosin.
[email protected]
Twitter: @Tosinishowo

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