Awolowo/Danialu Road: Residents give thanks

Residents of Ilorin South Local Government Area have commended Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq over the just concluded  Awolowo/Danialu road in the area.

The people also noted that lack of good road network has made Nigeria not to compete with their counterparts in the developed nations due to the impact of such on the people and commercial activities.

Mrs Omolara Adeyemi one of the residents of Tanke area, Ilorin expressed appreciation to the present administration in Kwara State under the leadership of AbdulRazaq for the contributions to people’s welfare through projects that have direct impact on the people especially the rural communities.

Adeyemi described the just concluded Awolowo road as another achievement recorded by the Governor.

She said, “effective and good road system would always expose the people to appreciable lives because they would make  use of the good road network to think of investing in the society.

Mrs Adeyemi noted that many businesses have folded up just because the environment where they live could not add value to their lives and businesses.

According to her, “one of the notable industrialists in Nigeria calculated that the economy losses up to N140 billion weekly due to poor road network and poor conditions of the nation’s roads.”

While commending the Kwara State Government for its prompt action on the Awolowo/Danialu  road, Adeyemi urged the government not to relent in its efforts.

She explained that the road would ease traffic congestion along Gaa Akanbi /Danialu road and some other roads that lead to Upper Danialu drastically reduced.

“Kwara State is blessed with vast arable lands and significant deposit of largely untapped minerals. Truly, we have the resources to make our roads road worthy for road users, but lack of good policies and strategies on the part of past administrations in the State have caused us to be in this situation where we find ourselves with all its abundance.

“Some of the roads in the State have become death traps like the Ajase-Ipo /Ilorin road, Jebba /Mokwa road among other roads before the new administration came on board in 2018.”

Another resident, Lookman Ayinla observed that Nigerian roads suffer from weak designs, inadequate drainage system and deterioration as a consequence of a poor construction and maintenance system/culture.

Ayinla mentioned that the road has suffered neglect from both the State and local government for many years even though people of the area had contacted government in the past for rehabilitation.

He said with the road being given facelift, it would not only reduce traffic of vehicles from Tanke area to some villages under the Ilorin South local government but would give some other roads some kind of relief.

Ayinla also said that the just concluded Awolowo /Danialu road network would boost the socio-economic lives of the people living in the area.

“Many shops and businesses have run down because of the past condition of the road. The road in the past always generated some kinds of dust especially during the harmattan season which was very harmful to human health.

“Even during the raining period, it was always difficult for both the pedestrians and the vehicle owners to ply the road because of the big portholes and some of the drainages along the road have spoilt.”

He appreciated the effort of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for listening to the request of the people by repairing the road to make the environment more conducive for them.

He advised that Kwara State Government should continue to consider the repair of more alternative roads to reduce the work load of other roads that have been repaired so that they would last longer.

A student of University of Ilorin, AbdulRasheed Warees also appreciated the Kwara State Government for considering roads in Tanke as one of their priorities.

He said many students of Unilorin resided in Aderoju area off Awolowo road, and many are residing in Gaa-Akanbi but the only good access road to the school is pipeline road.

According to him, “not that there are no alternative routes, but those alternative routes are terribly bad. We have many students staying along some communities along Tanke Oke Odo, Tanke Iledu, Balogun area among some other places but no good road network in those places.”

He informed that development in those areas were very poor. “Those places don’t even look like state capital because of the poor road network in the areas.”

He also mentioned that some of the roads don’t last because of they were poorly constructed.

“Many of the contractors made use of poor and substandard materials for road construction and this is really affecting our roads not only in Kwara but across the country.”

He then appealed to government to ensure that road and other construction works are given to qualified and honest contractors so that quality jobs would be done.

AbsulRasheed also observed that some of the road projects have been designed to carry small weight vehicles.

“Any time they carry vehicles like trailer and oil tankers, this always tell on the roads”.

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