I was inspired by big donors like Dangote –Oluwapamilerinayo, eight-year-old donor

Oluwapamilerinayo Akinduyo, an eight-year-old boy who donated N1,120 to the Kwara State Technical Committee to assist in the fight against COVID-19, tells TUNDE OYEKOLA what motivated him to do so

You donated to COVID-19 committee in Kwara State, why motivated you to do that?

I just wanted to contribute so that we would eradicate coronavirus in the country. I got the idea when I heard about what many people were doing to help. Alhaji (Aliko) Dangote donated N1bn to the Federal Government and other people also donated money, so I wanted to make my own contribution too.

How did you get the money?

My phonics teacher gave me N100 and my Sunday school teacher gave me N20. I collected N1,000 from my parents to make N1, 120.

Were you ashamed of donating the amount?

I was not ashamed to donate that little amount, it was what I had.

How did you feel when you shook hands with the deputy governor?

I felt happy to shake hands with him.

When you met the Emir of Shonga, Alhaji Halilu Yahaya, how did you greet him?

I prostrated (myself on the ground) because they teach us in the school to respect elders.

Have you been giving things to your mates in school?

Yes, I have been giving my mates food because I feel that when we stay in school till 3pm, they will be hungry so I share my food with them because the Bible says we should help our friends and neighbours.

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