Kwara APC crisis: Why Bolarinwa Must Step Down as Chairman

By Moses Oyelakin. 

It is so disheartening to see the reputation of All Progressives Congress (APC) in kwara state  being calumniated, impugned and  dragged into the mud as a result of the  corrupt tendency and greed of the leadership. 

   About a week ago, the Kwara State Chairman of APC, Hon Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa in a press conference addressed by his linchpin, made a distorted and biased account of the happenings in the party in order to cover up for his alleged  criminal acts and save his face. Rather than put the records straight so that the generality of our people may be aware of the problem within the party, the factional group consisting of his paladins tend to employ reckless and vulgar language to describe their rivals.

  This mouthing platitude of Bolarinwa is an orchestrated attempt to cover up for his atrocities. Why should he continue to dance around the question of accountability.

  The press conference by the aggrieved Exco last Friday understandably shattered  Bolarinwa and his phalanx because of the glaring revelations of financial impropriety levied against the Chairman. However, rather than puncture the issues raised against him  he opted to addressing the symptoms rather than the cause in a reckless path of seditious libel, employing every instrument of blackmail in the counter press conference by his group. 

  The attitude of Bolarinwa and his buccaneering factional members does not represent the objective of the party as a whole in the state, which is to rescue Kwara  from the hands of the oppressors as promised in our ‘O to ge,’ mantra and restore the glory of our dear state. It is therefore unacceptable for a chairman who is not accountable and very reluctant to submit himself to financial scrutiny and audit to continue to be at the helm of affairs of our political party in kwara state. 

  More importantly it is against the crusade of anti-corruption by President Muhammodu Buhari.One can regard the allegations levied on BOB as anti- APC and against what PMB stands for. 

  The Bolarinwa group were economical with truth in their attempts to glorify their leader, Alhaji Lai Mohammed as the hero of ‘O to ge’ movement in the last election. If indeed the minister financed the election from his personal purse, which is laughable, Bolarinwa should not frustrate attempt to audit the accounts of the party so that we can know if to thank Mohammed or not. 

  There are allegations that many people, organizations and governors contributed through Mohammed since he was the highest political leader from the state as at then. It would be fair to allow an audit of the account of the party, after all, Mohammed would be able to offer explanations on how rich he is to be able to contribute so much to the party fortunes. 

 More importantly, we have wondered what else Bolarinwa is doing in the office as Chairman when his  addiction  to quarrelsomeness is inimical to the progress of the APC in kwara state. His buoyant attitude as if on war path was responsible for the clog in the peace path innocently initiated by Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq when he sought the audience of the State Working Committee at the government house. 

  Bolarinwa  allegedly addressed the Chief Executive of the state as an uncultured element ( Apologies to  Chinelo Ifezulike in his novel ‘The costly mistake.’) Pointing his left hand at the Governor while addressing Governor AbdulRazaq. That costly mistake by the Chairman burnt the bridge of peace and reconciliation initiated by the Governor. 

  This chameleonic posturing by Bolarinwa has further disintegrated the party. Which has further proved that the celebrated knelling for aggrieved aspirants was a gamble. 

  Finally I want to appeal to the embattled chairman and his dream merchants who think they are superior in the party because of their alliance to a godfather to come to terms with Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq as the leader of the party in kwara or Bolarinwa steps down as the State Chairman. 

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