Exclusive: How TUC Chair,Kolawole Olumoh Received N50Million from Kwara Govt to Compromise Labour Union Demand of Minimum Wage

By Iliasu Abdulrahman

The struggle of Kwara state Chapter of Labour movement to demand payment of 30k Minimum wages from government have began to suffer serious setbacks of late with one of the Union leaders , Comrade Nasir Kolawole Olumoh who’s the chairman of Trade Union Congress appeared to have compromised and sell out the Minimum wage struggles in exchange for financial gratification from Government representatives.

For quite a while especially since the federal government signed Minimum Wage bill into law , Kwara state chapter of labour leaders have been mounting pressures on Kwara Government to join the leagues of Nigerian states which have began implementation of 30k minimum wages for their workers in tandem with current economic realities in the country.

The Organised Labour leaders comprising of the NLC under Alhaji Issa Ore Leadership, TUC under Kolawole Olumoh, Chairmen of JNC Trade union side, NUT, NULGE MHWU and NUP Artisans, had since came together under one organised body to press for minimum wage implementation but this demands have been meeting stiff resistance by Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq who has been applying various funny tricks to avoid physical contacts with these labour union leaders.

Unfortunately in recent times ,there have been serous grumblings among these labour leaders over sudden changes in attitudes of the TUC Chairman, Mr Kolawole Olumoh toward his colleagues in struggle for the past one week . This is coming after report of his meeting with some top government functionaries where he reportedly got contracted by government to help lobby other labour leaders into striking a secret deal with Kwara State Government on how to kill minimum wage agitations in the state

Mr Kolawole Olumoh who had agreed to work with his fellow Comrades in TUC and other units in assisting the government towards killing the agitation was thereafter given Fifty Million Naira (N50Millions) for the task .

Aside from the offer of the Fifty million naira , Mr Olumoh also stands on the fact that he is a serving senior civil servant in the state and would not be ready to join any radical movement such as labour unions to frustrate the government that is paying his bill .

Mr Olumoh also have been telling those who are close to him that parts of the reasons why he compromised is that the Governor is threatening to destroy his career which he had built for years and he would not watch that happened because of any agitation.

Knowing fully he has fully shown readiness to work with government to frustrate labour agitations , the Governor through some government officials therefore set the following task for Mr Kolawole Olumoh:

a. Conducting Radio Programs to sell misleading information to the public regarding audio approval of the minimum wage

b. Present Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq Government in good light to the public and make it appears Kwara state Government have approved the payments of 30k minimum wage to her workers when of course the Governor has not met with any of the labour leaders let alone approving reports of meetings . it is also important to note that no document containing new salary details have been made available to any labour union in the state as at press time

c. Incite the public against Labour leaders who do not yield to their compromise and bring their reputation to public mud until they submit to the whims of the people in power . This Mr Kolawole Olumoh has been doing by openly issuing threats messages on radio against leaders of NLC, NULGE ,NUT MUWH and JNC other partners in this struggle

d. Deal with erring poor workers who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of the minimum wages and put the workers at the receiving ends of public acrimony through radio programs , social media propaganda and all sorts .

To set the ball rolling and perfect this sinister Agenda, the government immediately disbanded labour union body and announced Kolawole Olumoh as recognised labour leader who will henceforth be engaging the Government .

Mr Olumoh was in addition offered another Ten Million Naira to propagate his Radio Program and employ other Unionists who may wish to join him in this crafty mission .

It is therefore not surprising to see the new act of betrayal Mr Olumoh is indulging in of late just because of N50Million .

Kwarans are by this notified that the labour unions have not yet ratify any agreement with government on he basis of Minimum Wages agitation, all the documents flying around social media are fictitious work being orchestrated by Olumoh and few cowards who had sold the destinies of all kwara state workers in exchange of Fifty million naira .

Kwara labour leaders are still waiting for arrival of Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq who had been outside the country for few days without prior notifications to the labour leaders who were supposed to meet with him .

It is also disgraceful for Kolade Olumoh to be coming on radio to act as Government spokesman who is now informing kwara populace that the Governor has traveled for other engagement, is there any other engagements that can be more important than the people of kwara whom Mallam Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq had sworn to defend ,protect and promote ?

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