Omoluwa’s death, did Modibbo Kawu kill coconspirator from exposing him?

By Oniyangi Mashood

Although they say death is a tragic reality which all men must come in terms, albeit it is a bitter experience, but the strange death of Mr. Lucky Omoluwa, the Chairman of Pinnacle Communication Ltd, which came amidst the commencement of his trial in a corruption case of #2.5billion involving his company and Mallam Isiaq Kawu Madibbo, the recently suspended head of Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC), is suspicious.

Feelers from across the country show truly the desperate and disgraceful son of Ilorin Emirate, Kawu, was instrumental to the death of the Pinnacle Communication Ltd’s boss in a bid to stop the innocent entrepreneur from testifying against him, owing to his ungodly and diabolical antecedents as a man who lived more than four decades as a free thinker without believing in Allah despite being from Ilorin where Islam is a must partaken culture.

The fetish Kawu who portrays himself as holier than thou through his public writing and speaking, especially while slandering and blackmailing others, is described as the best example of a public hoodwinker by many that knew him as a young boy in the 70s, spanning 80s, 90s and till now. The Almighty Allah who forbids munafiks (hypocrites) has just unclothed the devil in him for all and sundry to see. It’s unfortunate the cruel, greedy, useless and promiscuous man remains a thief at 60.

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