Most parties deregistered are political ambition retailers – BMO

The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) on Monday described some of the political parties deregistered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as political ambition retailers.

BMO’s Chairman, Mr Niyi Akinsiju, who said this at News (ND) Forum in Abuja, noted that the group was in support of INEC’s move to sanitise the political space.

Akinsiju said it was a complete waste of time and resources to have too many political parties in the country making the ballot paper extremely long.

“Well, I support it, if I have my way we should not have more than, three, four parties and the way I put it is that most of all these parties that were deregistered are political ambition retailers.

“They retail their ambition and look out to negotiate it out with bigger parties when it comes to elections and for me politics is a serious thing.

“If you decide to float a party, you can float a party within a Local Government, and target winning one or two Councillorship seats and that would preserve you and nobody would deregister you.

“You float a party strongly in a State Constituency and you win that state constituency as member of the State Assembly, it means you have political relevance.

“When you register a party and you cannot even win councillorship, what is your business in politics? It is as if you are wasting time.’’

Akinsiju said that in the last elections, the ballot papers were long because of so many parties and that had implications for time to collate results and the administrative cost for INEC was also huge.

He said that there was need to focus on the more serious parties.

According to him, BMO was formed in 2014, 2015 and the membership then was the Media council of the then presidential campaign council of the Muhammadu Buhari.

He said the group supported Buhari to run a good campaign on their account so the membership was later converted into the first Buhari Media Support Team (BMST), which was immediately after the election in 2015.

He said that the group never got a kobo from the government but members worked out of  their  volunteering  spirit, adding “I am praying that most Nigerians will have this kind of  spirit, the volunteer spirit.’’

Akinsiju urged Nigerians to do things with sincerity of purpose and sincerity of the mind believing that the outcome would eventually impact them too.

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