Kwara govt. to revoke 5,000 plots of land

The Kwara government says it will revoke over 5,000 plots of land sold illegally by the immediate past administration.

Bolaji Edun, the Director-General of Kwara Bureau of Lands, disclosed this in an interview with the News (ND) on Monday in llorin.

According to Edun, the immediate past administration signed over 5,000 Certificates of Occupancy for plots of land in the state located at Budo-Osho.

“The immediate past administration signed over 5,000 Certificates of Occupancy without following due process governing land acquisition in the state

“Several of the land allottees at Budo-Osho did not pay the required fees or obtain genuine documents which can qualify them to be rightful owners of the land, ”  Edun said.

He said that all the private sector operators that the plots were allocated to did not pay any fee to the state government.

Edun also said that the government had recovered over 100 properties sold illegally, including that of Kwara Television Authority.

He said that some of the recovered properties would be used to build housing estates for civil servants in the state.

Edun further said that the government had set up a committee to investigate encroachment into government land, especially in ministries, schools, agencies and public facilities.

He added that recovery of landed properties would be a continuous process to ensure sanity in governance.  

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