Cruise ship coronavirus rings alarm bells; recession looms for Japan, Singapore

Authorities on Monday scrambled to track hundreds of cruise ship passengers scattered across the world after a woman who had been on board tested positive for coronavirus, highlighting the risks of a worsening global infection.

Across mainland China, officials said the total number of coronavirus cases rose by 2, 048 to 70, 548, with 1, 770 deaths.

Outside China, over 500 infections have been confirmed, mostly in people who travelled from Chinese cities, with five deaths, in Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and France.

Japan and Singapore appeared to be on the brink of recession as the epidemic disrupted tourism and supply chains around the world, while China imposed tougher restrictions to try and stop the virus spreading further.

Holland America Line said it was working with governments and health experts to track passengers who disembarked from its Westerdam cruise ship in Cambodia after an American woman tested positive in Malaysia.

The cruise line, which is owned by cruise giant Carnival Corp, said none of the other 1, 454 passengers and 802 crew had reported any symptoms. 

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