Michael Owen opens up over Liverpool, Man United ‘torture’

Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen has lifted the lid on the pain of going back to Anfield, as he feels like his reputation has been tarnished by his decisions.

Owen left for Real Madrid in 2004 and later joined Liverpool’s fierce rivals Manchester United.

Speaking to Jamie Carragher on The Greatest Game podcast, Owen says he is different to his former team-mate because he is not idolised in the same way.

He said: “It has been painful going back to Anfield. Crying in the playing lounge and hoping nobody sees. It has been torture for a long time.

It is like splitting up with your wife. I can only blame myself, I said yes to Real Madrid. I still love Liverpool. Different to Carragher, you are still at that club being idolised. I was you.

“And yet there is a polarised opinion because of me thinking I will go away for a year and all of a sudden it is all ruined.

“If I am walking along the Kop, they’re saying ‘you Manc’ or whatever and I have got to live with that. It has killed me for ages and the wound will never go.”

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