Corruption Exposed, birthday lies busted

It is becoming more evident that the popular otoge political belief, which was widely supported, by a majority of Kwarans during 2019 general election, is more scandalous and dangerous than the otunya they rejected.

The latest ICPC corruption news in the town featuring Kwara First Lady of eight months, Mrs Olufolake Abdulrasaq, is so disheartening that one begins to hero-worship the criticised past.

It’s obvious the Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq decided not to celebrate his birthday openly because of the invitation of his wife by ICPC over corruption allegations.

To sane minds, this invitation is indeed a big blow on the face of Kwarans as her husband is using Kwarans’ money to pay debts he incurred through his moribund personal business – First Fuel and the wife being a visitor at ICPC for corrupt practices.

Not forgetting the KWIRS chairperson is also being investigated by EFCC for helping Senator Stella Udua syphon hundreds of millions in Naira. One wonders if these worse personalities are what people compare to the past administrators in the state, which were better in terms of transparency and accountability.

I have however, concluded that, we so much feel like saints when we are far from power, but on ascending power, we become worse than people we exerted all our energies to criticize.

Otoge is a scam and day by day, Kwara Governor is making heroes out of Saraki and his followers.

Ade Gold writes from Ilorin.

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