Due Process Ambassadors (DPA), Northern Kwara Province

Press Statement

13th January ,2020.

“He that is conscious of his guilt cannot bear the innocence of others ; So they always try to reduce others to their own level of guilts” -says Charles James Fox

Our attention has been drawn to the above titled articles sponsored through a faceless group by a man whose consciousness of his own guilt has already unsettled not only his life but entire political career .

We noted with dismay how paid college drop outs with no feasible identity in our region threw caution to the wind by using all columns of their articles attacking the personality of one of our illustrious sons in Northern part of kwara and a candidate of People’s Democratic Party in the last general elections, Honorable Mahmud Hassan Babako.

These political jobbers hiding under one unrecognized group ,EDUMOROPATIGI AGENDA further demonstrated their knowledge gaps of the subject matter when throughout their articles, they had refused to address the content issues of certificate forgeries that have unsettled their sponsor and already set his political career on a time bomb . Instead, they busied themselves attacking the personality of Babako who’s only exhibiting his statesmanship spirit to rid our polity of cancerous corruption especially among those who parade themselves as our representatives but carries with them loads of criminal and questionable characters capable of undermining the labour of our heroes past .

We put it to Ndakene and his co travellers that the good people of Edu ,Moro and Patigi are distinguished men and women of honor who pride ourselves in dignity of our handworks and so would not stoop low to defend any unholy character that is capable of undermining the integrity of our communities and as such , we wish to reaffirmed our resolves to continue to join hands with any responsible sons and daughters of our region irrespective of their political, religious or ethnic alliances as long as their intentions is seeing as repositioning and sanitizing our society from the pawns of corruption that has eaten deep the fabric of our country

Its therefore imperative to educate these paid writers about findings from several reputable organisations as well as prominent individuals who had sacrificed their precious times and resources moving up and down the country to unravel the criminal forgeries of Statements of results of prestigious Ahmadu Bello University by their employer , Honorable Ahmed Abubakar Ndakene and submission of same forged items to INEC and other institutions for the purpose of securing clearance for 2019 National Assembly Elections and the ones preceding it.

In responding to some of the feeble notions raised in their childish articles, we wish to on the basis of credible information available at our disposal state as follows :

  1. That although, there were rumoured information before and during the last general elections about these forgeries of documents by Mr Ndakene but no concrete investigation and or verified information solid enough as at that time to ascertain the genuineties of those claims but all these impediments have been duly sorted out; clear investigation conducted which had established all the said allegations with vital documents in our custody to corroborate our stands . Its expected this will neutralise baseless enquiries as to why Honorable Babako had not file any suits at elections petition tribunal before this time .
  2. That up till now , Ahmed Abubakar Ndakene had been unable to present his certificate from ABU despite false claims he graduated from the university in 1999 , he had also bamboozled his unintelligent supporters that he had gone to obtain his original certificate of late but none among them could be bold enough to ask him to show them copy of this certificate.
  3. That Ahmed Abubakar Ndakene from his profiles extracted at INEC database lied under the oath of graduating from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria on February 24th ,1998, a position which our investigations to the prestigious University had disclaimed in oughtrightly.
  4. That he also submitted a forged paper bearing the name of Ahmadu Bello University which he presented as statement of results before INEC officials in order to obtain clearance to participate in the last general elections. Credible findings have also established that this paper did not originate from Ahmadu Bello University , Zaria as falsely claimed by Ndakene and his co travelers
  5. That he paraded a Letter head sheet purported obtained in 1990 from Government Colleges, Kagara , Nigeria State as his School Certificate with Pass(D7) in both English and Mathematics , 5 credits in other subjects and with this claimed to have gotten admission to study Economics at ABU , this is very questionable as prestigious institutions such as ABU would not have offered any candidate admission into such department without passing English and mathematics on credit grade levels .
  6. That Ndakene in his fraudulent manipulation also obtained one police extracts which he presented to INEC in place of SSCE certificate with a sordid claims that he had lost his original certificate obtained from WASCE in 1990

7.That the issue of 2023 as being insinuated by Ndakene’s hired writers is not at play here as we believe 2019 elections had gone and this is time for full governance at all levels of government. Therefore, no amount of mischievous propaganda targeted at Honorable Babako will make him backslide from this honorable journey to bring a forger to open justice .

  1. That beyond their parochial mindset , Honorable Babako places high premiums on our royal fathers and the entire traditional institutions and would not join issues with anyone with ulterior motives of using our highly respected traditional institutions as siege to hide his criminality that is about to be blown to the world .
  2. That they should should not be in haste regarding prosecution of their principal as all legal frameworks and procedures are ongoing to perfect his prosecution and in no distance time would be made to answer his charges before the court of law .

It must be added that we really pity Honorable Ndakene and his scout of political jobbers hired to aid him while swimming against the tide , we also understand how far they had to go to protect the position their principal had assumed through forgeries and fraudulent manipulations , however, they failed to realize anything devoid of honesty, probity and sincerity cannot stand the test of time .

On a final note , we want to warn Ndakene and his co travelers in strong terms to desist from dragging the good name of Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki (CON) into their dirty politics of forgeries. We wonder why sudden use of Dr Sarakis name as a role model for same people who had cast several aspersions against him and caused their uneducated followers to insult him in so many engagements including attempt to pelt him stones through their campaigns of calumnies during the last general elections.

He who must come to equity must surely come with clean hands


Architect Sulieman Bako M,

Secretary General,

Due Process Ambassadors(DPA) , Northern Kwara Province

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