Suleiman Makanjuola Ajadi: The Limit of Ambition and Questions of Integrity

By Coalition of Kwara South Youths Suleiman Makanjuola Ajadi is the oldest surviving Sarakite. He has all his political achievements to the support of Dr. Olusola Saraki, therefore Ajadi’s political training is so informal and lack civility in political engagement. He has never won one single election on his own, even a councillor. The only one he claimed to have won through fraud was taken from him at the court. Ajadi is a typical old fox who still belongs to the yesterday of our political life, thinking attacking and intimidation will pave way for him to achieve his ambition of returning to the Senate after 20 years and become the leader of Kwara South. To clear your doubt and put it in correct perspective, you are a failure if you think returning to the Senate after 20 years of absence is a prime ambition in 2023 and thinking attacking HE Kayode Alabi on the social media is the away to achieve that confirms the reality that you don’t know a limit to a personal ambition. It will soon be clear to you that your era is over and Kayode Alabi is not a novice as you wrongly assuming. There’s no doubt who’s the leader of the party in Kwara South, Kayode Alabi is the one and we don’t need an Babaloma man to change that. Attacking HE Kayode Alabi baselessly on the media is further demonstration that you are a frustrated politician without an iota of integrity. I will quickly refer you to your actions of pre-election 2015 and 2019. In 2015,Senator Ajibola who facilitated your appointment with the Dr. Good luck Ebele Jonathan as a Special Adviser did so on agreement that you will support him for the seat of the governor of the Kwara State,after your appointment you started the usual game of betrayal until it became open that you won’t run for the Senate as agreed but the governorship seat. The rest is now the history as Ajibola was able to disgrace you at the primary even after you have claimed that all the Alfas in Kwara and in diaspora said you are the one. After the primary election, the party agreed you should chair the campaign so that peace will reign, I could remember you took money for the flag off at Bode Saadu and that was the end about your participation in that election. You disappeared with the money to London after the flag-off with instructions to your supporters especially those House of Assembly Aspirants to go to Labour Party to fly the flags,who God knows how much you collected from Mike Omotosho on behalf of those poor lads. The rest is now history, it is also on record that despite being one the leader of party of the PDP in 2015, you still collected money a day to the Senate election for Sen. Rafiu Ibrahim. The same Senator Rafiu Ibrahim gave you the sum of 10m in the last election despite being a close ally of HE Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman and one of the leader of Otoge Mantra. You did all that because you felt bitter after losing the primary election to Arc. Lola Ashiru. This are big questions of integrity hanging on your neck as someone who has no limit to what an ambition should be. You are a professional betrayal, there’s no one in history who has trusted and supported that you have not betrayed, your godfather Olusola Saraki inclusive. Those who has built there political journeys on your trust ended up being disappointed, Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo, Prince Sunday Fagbemi,Chief(Dr.) Femi Ogunsola are typical examples. There should be limit to ambition and based on Integrity. You are virtually fighting everyone in your local government even little Femi Yusuf is not spared. This is a warning that your fight against HE Kayode Alabi will not be easy as you may think. Your attack on his personal staff is noted and your lies that he disrespected the royal fathers will not fly. The reasonable young and active minds from Kwara South and by extension in Kwara State will not support you against a new generation politician without any blemish. Mistakes are allowed and he will be corrected. We expect you at this time to stop this ‘Ile-Arugbo’ style of politics and face the reality of new political institution. What should be primary in your mind at this time is to use your experience (if you have any) to enrich the governance at this time and not leading an arsenal of political thugs against your political leaders.

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