Eya Asali: Visits Correctional Service and Lafiagi General Hospital to mark over 30 years of togetherness

Eya Asali is identifiable group of friends that grew up together with shared common like minds. These friends had been together for over 30 years marking a successful togetherness.  Alots of things has created differences in their friendships but yet they see superiority in their actions. Such differences includes different jobs, settlements, and political affiliations and so on.  In a bid to celebrate themselves, Eya Asali came together to have a meeting point to promote the cultural ties, among which is to share love, tolerance and to supports the efforts of our past and existing leaders in their own little ways.  Eya Asali is a brand name as Original Friends of trust, confidence and dependable allies. In a bid to support the community developmemt projects, Eya Asali came up with some numerous Proposals amomg which is visiting the Correctional Service Lafiagi and General hospital.  They visited these places in their numbers with gifts items  and cash gifts to the Correctional Service and the patients in the General hospital Lafiagi. Eya Asali is spread across Edu LGA of Kwara State. The members are career professionals contributing to different sector of our economy and Politicians alikes. 

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