My husband advises me to sleep with different men – Woman tells court

A divorce-seeking woman, Mrs Blessing Abu, who accused her husband,
Benjamin, of infidelity makes a u-turn and begs the Igando Customary
Court in Lagos not to dissolve her marriage.
When the case came up on Wednesday for judgment, the petitioner came
up with a letter, informing the court of her intention to withdraw the
She begged the court to discontinue the case that she and her husband
would work to resolve their differences and reconcile.

The court president, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, while striking out the case,
admonished the couple to maintain peace and to continue to live in
love and harmony.
“The court has received a withdrawal letter to that effect, therefore,
the case is hereby struck out.
“I urge both of you to go home and live in peace and love,” he said.
The report said that Mrs Blessing Abu had approached the court to
dissolve her 12-year-old marriage over husband’s infidelity.
“My husband is cheating on me; he got a girl pregnant on two occasions.

“I have gone to several hospitals and herbal homes, just to have
another baby but my husband is busy making babies with another girl,’’
she lamented.
The 36-year-old tailor accused her husband of denying her the pleasure
of having sex with him.
“My husband refused to sleep with me, in spite of the fact that I
desire another baby, he told me to look for another man to sleep with
me and vowed that he will not sleep with me again,’’ she alleged.
Blessing accused her husband of posing serious threats to her life.
“Benjamin told me that I am eating poison in his house, that I should
pack out, else he will kill me or cause me to run mad,’’ she told the
The petitioner said that her husband had abandoned her with the only
child of the marriage.
The mother of one begged the court to terminate the marriage, adding
that she had long lost interest in it.

While responding to the allegations, the 42-year-old technician,
Benjamin said that his wife pushed him into adultery.
“My wife always tells me that I cannot impregnate another woman and
that if I try to make love with another woman, my male organ will get
stuck inside that woman, that she had done something concerning my
male organ.

“I was afraid initially, but later I decided to try it to know if she
is saying the truth.
“But luckily, the girl I met got pregnant and had a baby, when my wife
got to know, she told me that the baby was not mine.
“After some months, I decided to do it again to prove her wrong, and
the girl took in again.

“Since then, Blessing made the house unbearable for me by fighting me
regularly. She called the Police to arrest me and when I could no
longer bear it, I packed out of the house,’’ he told the court.
The respondent said that his wife starved him of sex, claiming that
sex gives her headache.

He urged the court not to grant his wife’s wish by dissolving their
marriage, saying that he still loves her.

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