CURRENT ISSUES: Death Penalty: FG should create jobs to avert mass exodus of youths

Kabiru Adebayo is a member of the Young Lawyers’ Forum (YLF) of the
Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ilorin branch, he speaks in this
interview with our JUDICIARY CORRESPONDENT, KAYODE ADEOTI on the need
for the Federal Government to create jobs for its citizens among other
sundry issues. Excerpts:

The issue of Nigerians being on death row in foreign countries has
been generating controversy in recent times, what is your take on
As far as I’m concerned, those countries where foreigners are being
executed, have not violated any law, so far, it is in the provision of
their laws which attracts state consequences of offences. There are
some offences which carry death penalty. Where there is no law, there
is no offence, but where there are, law must be implemented. The fact
that anything goes in Nigeria doesn’t mean other countries of the
world should be following our steps, it’s wrong. Nigeria is not ready
to implement her laws, we cannot stop other countries from
implementing theirs. Those Nigerians going to other countries to live
are aware of their laws, which states possession of illicit drugs
attracts death penalty. They went ahead to commit the crime even with
knowledge of this. If Nigerians are not afraid to violate law in the
foreign lands, they should not be afraid too to suffer the
(Cut in)… Is there anything Nigerian government can do to help the situation?
It depends on the bilateral relationship between the countries
involved. Especially, if the law of the country where Nigerians are
convicted gives room for extradition. However, those countries don’t
want to transfer case to Nigeria, they know that once it gets down
here, the matter will be swept under the carpet, Nigerian factor will
step in. This is not the first time, some of these people have been
convicted, they’ve been arrested, many of them have been to prison a
number of time. The only most important thing government at the
Federal, State and Local levels, even private individuals can do to
address the situation is to create more jobs and grow the economy.

Nigerians who travelled abroad, do so to earn a living. Since Nigerian
Government has been campaigning against prostitution, it has never
stopped our ladies from going to Italy and other countries to trade
their bodies for money. Look at what is happening in South Africa,
Nigerians are being killed like chickens in that land, yet our
government has done nothing about it. We are being treated anyhow in
South Africa because they know our government cannot provide for us.
Why are we not having execution of death sentence again in Nigeria?
We have problem, and we think every other country should be like us.
We have cases of armed robbery which the penalty is death, when was
the last time, president or governor signed death warrant for anyone
convicted even with knowledge of this offence? After some time, the
offender goes back to the society and continue  the nefarious act. In
our constitution as of today, death penalty still stands, but our
government has failed to give live to that law.

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