Abashed, when judge refused my motion over rift with principal

Lanre Yahya graduated from the Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto in
2007 and was subsequently called to the Nigerian Bar in 2008.
Afterwards, he had a brief stint with Ahmed Saka & Co. before joined
Jawondo & Co. Chamber. In 2012, he left for YDU Ambali. Yahya however,
established his own firm; Aremu Yahya & Associates in 2016. He shares
with our JUDICIARY REPORTER, KAYODE ADEOTI, his most dramatic moment
in court as a legal practitioner. Excerpts:
My first appearance in court can never be forgotten in a hurry. The
experience was quite dramatic but not very pleasant.
On that fateful day, I appeared at the Kwara State High Court for the
first time since I was called to Bar, and it was during my pupilage
This is how it happened, My principal asked me to handle a matter on
his behalf in court. He gave me the file without any instruction.
Meanwhile, he had written a letter to the Chief Judge for the
withdrawal of the matter from the judge I’m to appear before. However,
I was not aware of all these. So,  when the  matter was called, I
stood up to move a particular motion which was in the file, but I
noticed that the judge summoned the court registrar  to ask if I was
the one that signed the withdrawal letter. The registrar shook his
head implying that I was not the one who wrote the application.
To my dismay, shortly after their conversation, the judge flared up,
asking for the whereabout of my principal. He said my principal
tactically did not appear before him because of the petition he had
written earlier.
My plea to the judge for him to allow me to move motion, which was the
business of the day,  fell on deaf ears, despite explanation that I
was unaware of the development.
The judge who was visibly angry, turned down my request and insisted
that without the appearance of my principal in court, the case will
not go on.
I felt so embarrassed simply because I was not aware of what
transpired before then.

e file without any instruction.
Meanwhile, he had written a letter to the Chief Judge for the

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