Woman’s mummified body found in Madrid apartment 15 years after death

The mummified body of a woman, whose corpse is believed by authorities to have been left in her apartment for 15 years, was discovered in the Spanish capital, Madrid, officials on Friday said.

The woman’s niece had informed the Police, they added, who then called in firefighters and public officials to break down the apartment door, where the corpse was found on Tuesday in the apartment’s bathroom.

According to the Police, the woman, named Isabel, had died about 15 years ago at age 78.

The Europa Press news agency cited neighbours, who said they had last seen the retired woman alive, in September 2004.

They had reportedly called police multiple times over the years due to the smell coming out of the apartment, but they never responded.

The woman had lived alone in the apartment since her husband’s death, according to media reports.

She did not have any children.

An autopsy had shown that no third party was responsible for her death, police said and, therefore, they did not open an investigation.

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