The party express her dissatisfaction on the Commissioner nominations of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq. The nominations that featured more than 50% of women and sidelined prominent male liberators. It saddened our heart that those that risked their lives and worked tirelessly to ensure the party took over the control of the governance in the state from Bukola Saraki in the last general elections was left unconsidered only to nominate mere women where loyal party men could have done better. APC defeated Bukola Saraki that has been dominating the state politics for close to sixteen years with a well-rooted structure across the political wards in the state, but the Mallam Abdulrazaq in an unstaunched manner, went behind the back of the party and Chairman to make his acclaimed ‘technocratic’ women appointments. All the organs of the party would no longer condone such recklessness and rejects the appointments that are hostile to the growth and unity of the party. The party will also be relentless in dispensing all her machinery to stop the screening of the nominees at Kwara State House Assembly unless it is been revisited by the governor as the party remains supreme on all affairs. It is expected of the governor to carry the party along in the governance of the state henceforth because it is reprehensible for one to labour to build a house and be hell bent on destroying same by sidelining her organs. Signed: Hon. Bashir. O. Bolarinwa State Chairman Kwara APC Chat conversation end Type a message…

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