Analyst supports call for review of legislative arm

A Public Affairs Analyst, Mr Carl Umegboro, has supported calls by Sen. Rochas Okorocha and Gov. Kayode Fayemi for the scrapping of one legislative arms of government.

Umegboro gave the support in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Saturday.

He said that their recommendations were one of the best statements by political leaders since the beginning of the present political dispensation in 1999.

Okorocha and Feyemi had called for the restructuring of the nation’s bicameral legislature which was patterned after the U. S. system.

Umegboro said that the huge public fund being used in operating the two legislative arms was responsible for the leakages and mismanagement of the nation’s resources.

According to him, the two legislative arms are vested with the same functions that only one legislative arm should be performing.

Umegboro said that it was wrong of the drafters of the constitutions to adopt such a capital-intensive system without putting the financial capacity of the country into consideration.

“Recently, a whopping sum of N5.5billion was proposed merely for purchasing cars for Principal Officers of the Ninth Senate.

” Sadly, in a country where a great number of citizens find it difficult to have square meals; collapsed roads are becoming ubiquitous; many public facilities in dysfunctional state; public schools in shambles and even health sector in coma.

“The huge amount is separate from the N13.5 million monthly running costs to each senator and then the outrageous allowances the lawmakers allocated to themselves.

“To call a spade a spade, the legislative arm is drain pipe to the economy which will continue to work against the common good,’’ he said.

He said an appraisal of the nation’s infrastructural development would show that most of its great facilities were executed during military rule when the bicameral legislature was not practised.

Umegboro however said that the military was an aberration that should not be imagined as an option.

He said that the nation’s democracy should be structured to be cost-efficient for meaningful progress, rather than wrongly copying another country’s system. 

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