AMAC ‘ll no longer collect waste in FCC-Chairman

The Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) has announced it withdrawal from waste management services in the Federal Capital City (FCC), Abuja.

Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu, the Executive Chairman of AMAC made the announcement at a news conference on Wednesday in Abuja.

Adamu said that the decision was made following several meetings between the council and Abuja Environment Protection Board (AEPB) to resolve the lingering conflict on whose responsibility it is to provide waste management in FCC.

He said that AMAC and AEPB had both agreed and delighted to announce to the public that all cleaning services and collection of waste services charges within FCC would now be the sole responsibilities of AEPB.

“As a member of the AEPB Governing Board, the AMAC Chairman accepts that it is in the best interest of both parties.

“The decision will benefit especially the residents of FCC for AMAC to withdraw from waste management within FCC.

“AEPB is now the body that is responsible for waste collection in FCC because it has a long standing experience in waste management to bring its expertise to bear.

“The two institutions are important, whatever conflict we use to have had been put to rest for the benefit of the public.

“For a long time, we have put our clients in confusion on who to manage their waste.

“All pending litigations between AEPB and AMAC and service users regarding issues on waste management within the FCC are hereby withdrawn, all payments of waste management services in FCC are to be paid to AEPB,’’ he said.

Adamu said that AMAC would now be handling waste management services and waste charges of the suburb within its jurisdiction.

In his response, Alhaji Baba Lawan, the Director of AEPB said that today’s event is a milestone in putting an end to three years conflicts on whose responsibility
it is to collect and manage waste in FCC.

“We have lost a lot of revenue during this period due to the lingering conflict between our board and AMAC.

“We have over 45 lots in FCC now that will be awarded next years to contractors to ensure adequate cleaning and waste management in this area.

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