Fear Allah in your actions, Imam, Grand mosque, Makkah advises Muslims

Muslims were on Friday enjoined to fear Allah, by obeying His injunctions and keeping away from all that He has forbidden.

The Imam that led Juma’at prayers at the Makkah’s Grand  mosque, Al-Shaykh Saleh Bn Abdallah Bn Abdul-Hameed, made the call in his sermon before the prayers.

According to him, the fear of Allah is the only one single possession that suffices one in this transient world and in the hereafter.

He added that it is only in the fear of Allah that one will live in peace, endless bliss and tranquility in this world and hereafter.

Bn Abdullah further said that after faith in Allah, nothing made one a complete and adorable being on earth than for Allah to bestow on him good manner and character.

He said good manner and character cleansed the mind/heart from all evil thoughts and helped guard against degeneration into the lowest ebb of civilised conduct in interaction with Allah’s creations.

The Imam reiterated that Allah is not concerned with ones physique or appearance, but He only looks at the heart and rewards one in commensurate with what the heart harbours of good or evil.

He stressed the need for Muslims to have a clean mind, filled with the fear of Allah and with total submission to Him alone.

He stated that one of the many divine Gifts of Allah to mankind, “is a clean heart that discerns what is good from what is evil”.

Bn Abdullah also advised Muslims to strive hard in cleansing their hearts from hatred, arrogance, and all evils associated with the heart, adding instead, that they should imbibe the attributes of humility, love, kindness and care for other beings.

He said such attributes could only be achieved through sound knowledge of Allah and total submission to His commandments.

Bn Abdullah further advised Muslims to fervently pray to Allah for a pure and clean mind and heart devoid of all ills that might jeopardise the peace and tranquility of their brief sojourn on earth.

The cleric also urged  them to shun evil to avoid an everlasting torment in the hereafter.

He prayed to Allah to accept the physical, psychological and financial sacrifices the entire pilgrims made to come to the holy land to perform one of the five pillars of Islam and reward their little efforts with Jannah.

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