Israeli teen killed by explosive device attack in West Bank

A 17-year-old Israeli girl has been killed in an attack with an explosive device in the West Bank.

Her 46-year-old father and 19-year-old brother were seriously injured in the attack, the army and the responsible hospital in Jerusalem said on Friday.

The attack took place near the settlement of Dolev, north-west of Ramallah.

Soldiers were searching the area and street blockades had been set up, according to a statement.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin spoke in a statement of a “terrible terrorist attack this morning.”

“My heart and prayers are with the family at this difficult time, and for the recovery of those injured.

“We will continue to strengthen settlement. We will deepen our roots and strike at our enemies.

“The security arms are in pursuit after the abhorrent terrorists. We will apprehend them,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement.

Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza Strip, part of the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War.

More than 600,000 Israeli settlers now live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The Palestinians want these areas and the Gaza Strip for their own state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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