Hong Kong set to face another weekend of mass protest, airport disruptions imminent

Hong Kong is set to face another weekend of mass protest as anti-government demonstrations approach the three-month mark with little sign of ending.

Protesters were due to gather on Friday night to form a human chain reminiscent of 1989’s Baltic Way demonstration in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to protest then-Soviet rule.

Plans were underway to disrupt transportation links to Hong Kong International Airport early Saturday morning.

The airport was the scene of mass protests last week, but a court injunction has kept most protesters from returning.

Protesters were then due to march to through the eastern district of Kwun Tong later in the day on Saturday.

Two marches are also planned for Sunday.

Protests began on June 9 against a legislative bill that would have allowed for criminal extradition to mainland China, which has a separate legal system from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said earlier this week that she was open to creating a “platform for dialogue” with protesters although she offered few details on how to carry out the plan.

She has also promised to initiate a fact-finding study into police violence at protests over the summer.

Police violence has become a major point of contention with protesters who have also asked for an independent inquiry to be led by a judge reviewing police use of force.

Separately, university students have pledged to boycott classes for the first two weeks of the school year in September, according to public broadcaster RTHK.

They said if the government fails to respond they will extend the boycott.

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