Hajj 2019: NAHCON organises special flight for hajj returnees

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), a body responsible for the coordination of hajj operations in Nigeria and Saudi, has organised a special flight to transport some Nigerian pilgrims back home.

This is part of arrangements, the commission put in place, to speed up the return flight of the pilgrims.

The Control and Command Centre of the commission in Makkah on Friday said the special flights would be for most of the 50 Nigerian journalists that covered the hajj, this year, to Abuja.

Meanwhile, NAHCON has so far carried out 12 return flights, involving 5,659 Nigerian Muslims, back to the country, according to its command and control centre in Makkah on Friday.

“Today (Friday), MAXAIR flight VM2016 departed Jeddah to Kaduna at 08.32 a.m. with 552 Pilgrims,’’ the centre said.

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