Eid-el Kabir: High patronage excites ram sellers in FCT

As Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid-el Kabir, some ram sellers at the Apo Roundabout Ram Market in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have expressed satisfaction over high patronage by FCT residents.

A News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), correspondent, who visited the market, observed a mass of business activities with buyers and sellers transacting business.

Mr Salisu Liman, a ram seller from Zamfara, told NAN that he made tangible sales of rams after reviewing the prices downward.

“I have sold almost 300 rams within the last two weeks. I have just 10 left.

“Before now, I sold some big rams for either N150,000, N140,000 or N100,000, but at the moment, rams worth N150,000 go for N130,000 or N120,000.

“If the remaining 10 rams finish today, I will send for more because we may still get buyers within the next two to three days,” he said.

Liman said that he decided to reduce the price of his rams because sallah celebration was almost over.

Mr Adamu Yahaya, another ram seller from Kano State, said he was impressed with the turnout of buyers, adding that many people were buying more than one ram in the market.

According to him, rams have always been cheap in the market when one buys on the day of celebration because most sellers were eager to discard the ones they had at hand.

He said that the turnout of buyers during the 2018 sallah celebration was not as high as that of 2019, adding that majority of sellers had sold the rams they initially brought to the market.

“Many people have sold out their rams and have ordered for more from their farms in the village.

“Because this market is in the city centre, many ram sellers have relocated here from some satellite area markets like Dei Dei, Nyanya and Dutse markets,” he said.

Yahaya further said that he realised that most of his customers preferred to patronise him today due to lack of space to keep the rams in their compounds.

According to him, some other buyers bought rams today being salah day because they may not be able to take care of the rams if they bought in advance..

A buyer, Mrs. Hajiya Rabi, said that she decided to buy her ram on sallah day because she had noticed that the price had gone down.

“When you buy today, it is far cheaper than when you buy before sallah and even if I had bought before now, I would have still brought it to the market for them to slaughter and would have paid either N3,000 or N5,000,” she said.

Another customer, Aliyu Muhammed, said that he felt sallah day was more appropriate to buy rams because it was easier and cheaper to purchase and those to slaughter the rams attended to customers faster.

“Because of how cheap it is now, I was able to buy two rams – one for N60,000 and the other for N55,000,” he said.

Muhammed said that there was no point buying the rams a week before sallah day when he could easily buy and slaughter at the same time at affordable rate on the festivity day. (NAN)

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