Kwara Senator defies criticism, holds get together to mark son’s birthday.

Those who stood in his defence had though forcibly argued that his daughter, Hafsat, a Lawyer, is eminently qualified to assist him in carrying out legislative duties, Senator Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, has for days now been made to face virulent criticism on social media.

The tempo has increased meteorically and for the better part of Sunday, the 4th of August, majority of social media users that commented found it convenient to make his action earn the verdict of derision.

The Senator who represents Kwara Central senatorial district, has obviously decided and immutably resolved to remain undistracted. Shaking off criticism that came courtesy of party members and constituents that took to social media platforms to complain about the decision to appoint his daughter as one of his Legislative Aides.

This medium gathered that Oloriegbe shared the pictures taken at a family get together held to mark his son’s birthday same day, the 4th of August, to substantiate his nonchalance towards public criticism that comes with public office.

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