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They said you were former SA to Obasanjo when Alh. Lawal was governor, by then I was what I was under AD and I don’t fancy APP or PDP to know of you; we were for Yoruba and AD and I AM still for that.

I was never a Sarakite but all were stories now – the plight of Kwara AD, Lawyer Adeyemi and Alh. Layi Mohammed palaver; those story are not for now.

The chapter today is that these people raising dusts today were the one that beg Baba to bring you to home politics for their personal gain.

I was in AD still when you became first term governor.

AD died and I became PDP not as a Sarakite but I was a full supporter of the party I belong which was then PDP and stunt supporter of its Leader here which is the Bukola Saraki in question.

Tell me, Media Jackals; what are my offences in supporting my party leader and a Kwaran when war rose against him from Lagos from someone not better than him.

I did not buy the Tale ‘of Ancient’ that Saraki alone carried Kwara money because I know it is a political statement and a lie just to fool the voters, all knowledgeable ones know Saraki only can not be carrying Kwara monies

I personally know the two things Bukola was carrying seriously away from Kwara were our noises of ‘Oloye e e’ and the ‘taken of the’ final decisions on issues of who hold political positions…

Therefore, to me those attacking me are the evil supporting the downfall of a brother for personal gain

According to the say ‘when lie is told repeatedly non stop, people believe it is the truth; Kwara in all believe in APC when they consistently insisted through daily Media Lies; that Bukola is looting Kwara monthly

Kwara voted the changed to stop the alleged stealing of Bukola that were aired on daily basis on radio in local dialects.

Now I call for you to substantiate your allegation of looting with the money Bukola was looting; a Media Jackal is wishing all his generation to come the worst of all lunacy; that shall be your portion and not mine in the name of Yeshua.

Why will I support the downfall of a man that builds most of you politicians or employed you civil servants either directly or indirectly?

To me no gain for Kwara in that; and I don’t need to be told what I know.

Yesterday Bukola was there and his national opponent were bringing money to you to plot his downfall while he too was given to those with him to maintain his hold here; both Saraki opponents and core supporters were riding big cars from either of the two parties’ money while all of you continue to fool the masses.

Today all of you won because people voted against Bukola

Also, good for all, Sen. Oloriegbe bagged Chairman house Committee on health meaning empowerments are still coming to Kwara to prepare you to face Bukola in 2023 to your gain and you still want to continue in the deceit of ‘Bukola has looted’ while expecting me to keep mute on that fraud?

What stop me from decamping from his side to yours all these while? Will you chase me back if I joined?

This hypocrisy is what I fear than anything

And I am not saying there is no corruption but what I said is that Bukola is carrying this and that is fraud and mere propaganda that will end up in lie;

Has the present government able to substantiate the monthly N2b loot of Bukola as alleged?

I said the same politicians that caused crises between Lawal and Baba Saraki are the one that came between Saraki and his father, and are still the same ones that makes 80% of those surrounding the governor for their personal gain now; is that also a lie?

Every time I speak like this I used to make apology to the few sincere ones that truly believe in Kwara goodness and are sacrificing daily for, they are ride on by majority fake ones to achieve hiding plans.

Truly it will be bad and unfair to lump them along fake liberators who hide under the people’s desire to kill corruption to ride on to power.

Where I and you cannot agree here is in you supporting Buhari that spared Tinubu, Amaechi, Goje etc in arresting and trying to jail Bukola in the name of fighting corruption; in that we cannot reconcile forever.

Any fight against corruption that spare Tinubu, Amaechi and Goje in Nigeria should not come near Bukola

Can someone who for any interest is still supporting Buhari after this clear Fulani Colonization Agenda and risking the land or life of his people claim to be a liberator?

Let Bukola stay abroad for ten years and not out of Kwara politics only; he is still my leader because of his stand against PMB alone.

You are still talking of 16 years of looting? Feed that to your jackals.

Bukola Omo Saraki! Until the present State Government bring the N2b we were make to believe you were stealing monthly for all to see; the rest is still noises

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