We are some of the Senators who contributed our quota in the build up to your emergence as President of the 9th Senate.We did it out of the believe that you will bring honesty and integrity in the running of the affairs of the NASS and particularly the Senate.

We are some of those who worked hard and campaigned for you.You know very well that those who know you closely did everything possible to dissuade many of us.Many of your opponents raised a lot of questions about your purported integrity by trying to convince us that you are not what we perceived you to be.We kept away all doubts and vigorously stood by you through thick and thin.

You promised many of us good committees knowing how hard we tried.You sweared by the Holy Koran and we believed you.Many of us tried to pin you down to specifics but you kept shifting the date of the announcement until the date of our departure for recess.Even when we heard Some sorts of rumors that a serving Governor is dictating to you what you should do or not do,you dismissed it.I believed you deliberately did this to avoid crisis.But that is now unavoidable.

We are setting the record straight now and spill the Beans so that you can be reminded.This is a ‘secret’ that some of our colleagues knew,especially those now close to you.You received N50Million from every APC Governor which was mostly delivered to you in cash in Hilton Hotel.You received one Million Dollars from the CBN Governor and was delivered to you by a serving Senator whom you now rewarded with the Banking Committee Chairmanship.You collected money from Oil companies and Bank executives and Bussiness men to the tune of over 10 Billion Naira.It will not be wrong to say you made Billions for yourself in the build up to your accension.

Mr Senate President,You simply sold the Committee chairmanships to the highest bidders and betrayed those of us who thought you will be fair.
If you think you can treat many of us with contempt because you have the backing of the Presidency,then you are making a big mistake.The President can’t run the Senate for you,it’s we that will do that.

Mr Senate President,
You are not fair to ranking senators and you are also not fair to even the PDP senators who stood by you.

When we come back from recess,this issue shall be raised and must be addressed.


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