The 2019 general elections might have come and gone with all successful politicians in the thirty six states of federation leaving politics behind them and now buckling up for real business of governance that will further promote interests of their individual constituencies but it appears some embittered Kwara politicians likes the Senator elected to represent the good people of Kwara Central district , Senator Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe is yet to put this behind him. With his renewed desperate moves against his brother and fellow Ilorite, Professsor Abubakar Suleiman , who is also privileged to be appointed topmost officer of National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies(NILDS) at the tail end of Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki’s reign as President of Nigeria Senate.

At first, when this speculations about the unnecessary plots against the DG of NILDS surfaced earlier around June, we did not subscribe much to the then grapevine since Senator Oloriegbe quickly debunked the rumors but latest developments in Abuja particularly the information at our disposal about how Olorigebe is strategically advancing his hunt to remove Professor Suleiman from office as DG of NILDS is worrisome and calls for urgent actions among eminent Ilorin people. It is important to let Oloriegbe know that as responsible oragnisation with no trace of political inclination or vested interest in any personality , we are closely monitoring his movements since the first rumours and we are greatly disappointed of his recent shameless moves to have recruited more forces from among Kwara politicians in Abuja under the supervision of Alhaji Lai Mohammed to perfect the removal of his brother from office without any just course.

We wonder what could have warranted such a desperate move from a senator elected to protect and promote interests of entire Kwara Central regardless of political affiliations against a man from his own very constituency. Is Senator Oloriegbe aware that even though he is a member of APC, his office as Senator is expected to represent every member of his constituency regardless of their political, religious and or ethnic backgrounds ? Or could it be fear of Professor Suleiman rising profiles in National Politics or that of his sheer hatred for Saraki and other eminent ilorites that do not share same political affiliation with him that is responsible for his sinister moves?

Whatever the case may be, Ilorin is going to be the prime loser at the end, if this bitterness is allowed to trigger among our brothers and this is why as a concerned organization , we are raising this awareness so that our people including The Emir , His Eminence, Dr Ibrahim Sulu Gambari and other high ranking traditional title holders across Emirates will call Senator Oloriegbe to order before his actions bring more setbacks to the entire emirates. As a matter of fact, the O to GE mantra that the Kwara APC where OLoriegbe belongs have been preaching about NEW DAWN in Kwara and as an organization, we welcome taste of another brand of leaderships in the state but we must guard such development jealously to ensure unity of purposes is uphold among Ilorin Elitist group for it is only when the elites are united that progress can be pursued with clear visions . Oloriegbe and those working on this sinister agenda should learn from history of the past feuds between late Dr Olusola Saraki and Alhaji Akanbi Oniyangi ,the unpleasant experience from that sour relationships between the two giants in Ilorin still lingered till date, of important note is also the sour relationship between Dr Olusola Saraki and Governor Lawal , another was that of Admiral Lawal and General AnbdulKareem Adisa all of blessed memory today, no responsible Ilorin man should watch while our elites engage in such hostility at this modern age when our neighboring towns are looking for ways to outsmart us and take our place in affairs of Kwara.

Olorigebe should open his eyes to the hidden fact that the grand plan of Lai Mohammed and his sponsors from Lagos is to see that political powers is taken away from Ilorin to Igbomina and this is why they are sinisterly using political elimination strategies against prominet Ilorin Elites with the motive of making Lai Mohammed to take the baton of political leadership while his sponsor controls how the baton will be used from his Lagos residence. This secret had been exposed to Governor Abdulrahman and we commend his efforts so far in neutralizing Lai Mohammed grips in his government of the state. We are not here to preach against harmonious existence but we cannot keep mum while clandestine agenda is being promoted to edge our generation out of political schemes of a state that belongs to all kwarans .

Constitutional wise, the power to appoint people into that office whenever a vacuum exists rest exclusively with a sitting President of the Senate and in consultation with the Speaker of the House of Representatives and since on completion of the tenure of the immediate past DG, Professor Ladi Hamalai, a vacancy had existed , it is within the frameworks of our extant rule of law that after robust consultations with the Immediate past Speaker of the House of Representatives , Rt. Hon Yakubu Dogara and having passed all qualification test, Abubakar Suleiman was considered in that capacity, as such any arguments or speculation as to the late timing of his appointment by the 8th assembly remains a mere noise and cannot stand the test of law.

Admittedly, Dr. Bukola Saraki had displayed utmost nobility and love for Ilorin People to have used his office and influence in securing such an honorable office for an Ilorin man when he was leaving office but of more importance question is whether the Professor was appointed to serve or represent the interest of Saraki and or Yakubu Dogara or PDP in his capacity as DG of NILDS or appointed to serve Nigerian people and in the process promote interest of Emirate where he hails from? Or whether the appointee fell short of capacity and pedigrees to carry out assignment of the office he is appointed to oversee and not the rhetorics of what party he or she belongs to.

The onus therefore is dawn on Oloriegbe and Lai Mohammed including their other allies plotting this thoughtless agenda to remember that they are elected/appointed to promote and defend the interest of kwara Central people and any actions taken to bring Professor Abubakar Suleiman (An Ilorin man as well) down from that office is absolutely against the general interest of kwara cental and emirates and will be resisted with huge ferocity.

As responsible Kwarans who have been following political developments in Nigeria, we are impressed with spirit of leadership and great humility embedded in Distinguished Senator Amhed Lawan, the president of Nigerian Senate and leader of the 9th National Assembly and his counterparts at the green chamber , Rt. Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila . We are not also unaware of their huge experience of the national Assembly doctrines and internationally acceptable practices where partisan politics is given the least consideration in its administration and leadership.

We state therefore that Senator Oloriegbe stance that Professor Suleiman been formerly from PDP and appointed by Saraki who happened to be a PDP senate president could not work effectively with the incumbent National Assembly Leaders who happen to be of APC when even the former minister had officially resigned his membership of political parties to enable him focus on his job and deliver on national interest is unfounded and baseless and As such must be discarded by the incumbent Senate President Amhed LAwan and the Speaker , Rt Honorable Gbajabiamila .

We noticed that the immediate past DG of NILDS, Professor Ladi Hamalai also had similar story when she was reappointed for second term in office by the then Senate President , David Mark few days to the expiration of his office by but was allowed to do her job by Dr. Bukola Saraki who happened to be of APC . Neither SAraki nor Speaker Yakubu Dogara raised dust on that appointment. Despite having full knowledge of the antecedents of the office holder at that time, the 8th National Assembly leaders sustained her appointment and respected every lawful decisions of the 7th National Assembly without consideration to political party inclinations . Since it is not in traditions of any parliamentary institution to overturn lawful and valid decision of its preceding congress, we are confident that our brilliant President of the 9th Senate ,Distinguish Senator Ahmed Lawan and Rt Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila will not submit to any petty anti-progressive forces trying to create discords between them and the office of DG of NILDS bearing in minds that they are to uphold the law of the land and enshrined political decency in the polity as lawmakers

Also , of critical note was the emergence of both Senator Lawan and Honorable Gbajabiamaila as both leaders of 9th Assembly where lawmakers from across party divides voted them and the recently concluded ministerial screenings where states like Bayelsa,Osun and Kogi states where Senators were rising in supports of their states ministerial nominees despite belonging to different political platforms, are Nigerinas not amazed that a fanatical party man like Senator Dino Melaye could openly supports ministerial nominees from his state who came to the senate via the platform of APC, his opposition party ? This simply reflects total loyalty to ones community above political sentiments which is the only ways political actors can bring dividends of democracy to their individual constituencies.

We have investigated and leant that our Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is not part of the messy agenda OLoriegbe and Lai Mohammed have embarked upon against Ilorin People , we are not surprise since Governor Abdulrhaman have shown how progressive minded he is towards Ilorites and his larger hearth to accommodate all and sundry in politics of Kwara. Obviously, the Governor is never an opportunists and political gold diggers. We will only by this medium warn fiercely that Alhaji Lai Mohammed should respect his age and stay clear of Ilorin politics in his own interest . Knowing fully well that he is never part of any positive Kwara project, he is more of Lagos and representing the sole interest of his paymaster in Lagos with all his family and investments domiciled in Lagos and not Kwara where he only came to milk.

On the part of Senator Oloriegbe, we would not want to expose him for now being a son of the soil but this should be a note of warning that he must immediately refrain from the dangerous anti Ilorin Agenda he and Lai Mohammed had embarked upon or face the dare consequence from the peace-loving Ilorin people . Since we are not working for Professor Suleiman or any other personality but only defending our community interest , we would not be here to sing praise or commend anyone but we will encourage all our elites to always put the interest of Emirate first in all their dealings and they should as well take note that we will raise voice against them if we notice they are not doing what is expected in respect of their offices. Of what pride will it be for Senator having records that his first legislative assignment as our senator has been to conspire against a fellow Ilorin man holding National office? will another Ilorin man be given the office if eventually Suleiman is removed from office ? No matter the level of our rivalries and political differences, we should refrain from an act capable of dragging Ilorin backward.

On a final note, we will like to remind Senator Oloriegbe that Power belongs to almighty Allah and he gives to whomever he pleases , Professor Abubakara Suleiman is where he is because almighty Allah has shown him favour . So also Senator Oloriegbe , you are where you are today not by your power but that of almighty Allah for out of Thousands of Ilorin Emirates people, Allah has conferred such office on you. The steps you are taking therefore is tantamount to fighting almighty Allah.


May Allah Bless Ilorin!

Emirate will continue to be Number one Insha Allah


Ilorin Emirate Elites Vanguards (IEEV)

1st August, 2019.

CC: Ilorin Emirate Descendant Progressive Union,
Ilorin Emirate Youth Integrity Vanguard ,
The Third Estate,
The Core Mates, Ilorin,


  1. Hmmmm……. Nice one but Ilorin Emirate has never been fair to all her members local government comprise of five LGA because its only Ilorin West that has been benefitting greatly at the expense of others.

    Take for instance, Moro local government area has been experiencing backwardness in terms of significant infrastructural development, Politically suffering from fellow Kwara Northerners and all in the name of been part of Ilorin Emirate and the same Ilorin Emirate has never deemed it necessary and called the attention of the decision makers to all these issues.

    So stop blaming Senator Dr Yahyah Oloriegbe because the roles played by our traditional leaders, religion leaders and IEDPU over some or certain decisions in Ilorin and Kwara At Large is nothing to write home about and if nothing is been done to abnormalities, I don’t pray for setback for Ilorin in the nearest future.

    ©Nurudeen, from Moro local government Area.

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